Thursday, June 30, 2011

Double Leg Takedown and Another Standing Guard Pass

Double Leg Takedown:
  • Lift up opponent
  • Side step
  • Dive in with double behind the calfs (make sure to keep body upright)
Another Standing Guard Pass (used when opponent keeps closed guard):
  • To Open Guard
    • If opponent has hand gripping on your lapel, straight arm them on the same side
    • With your opposite hand, grab their wrist
    • Step up with your leg on the side of the arm that is being controlled
    • Keep holding onto the wrist grip and let go of the lapel grip to press down on their leg
    • As make sure to take a step back with the side you are pressing down
  • To Pass
    • Put your your inner knee down and press down on their inner thigh
    • Put your elbow down
    • Pressure and pass
  • Look for video 

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    1. Different strategies can be done to have a good game.