Saturday, June 4, 2011

Advancing Position While Opponent Is In Turtle Position

Mark taught class today because Dominic was out of town. Mark taught some very moves when the opponent is in the Turtle Position.

  1. Rolling forward and putting in your hooks:
    1. Start out behind your opponent. Make sure to keep your hips close and apply weight near your opponent's hips.
    2. Double under hooks and grab your opponent's gi collar with each hand.
    3. Force your opponent's head down by grabbing their collar deep.
    4. Now start applying pressure across your opponent's back with your head diagonal across their body. Your head should be close to their head if not more over.
    5. Tuck your chin in and roll forward diagonally.
    6. While your opponent is in mid-air put in your hooks.
  2. Chest bump to side control:
    1. Start out with your body perpendicular across their back.
    2. Grab your opponent's arm and ankle farthest away from you. Note that your knuckles are faced up. Also, you are NOT reaching around their head and butt; and you are not reaching under their arm and leg. You are reach across their arm and legs.
    3. Pull their arm and leg towards you and use your chest to bump and roll your opponent over. Do not let go of the ankle, use this to obtain side control.
  3. From behind to North-South to arm bar:
    1. Start from behind.
    2. Under hook grab your opponent's closest arm.
    3. Now start to go perpendicular to your opponent.
    4. Now get your opponent to lay down on their side by collapsing the arm.
    5. Continue into North-South position.
    6. Place your knee on their rib while hanging onto their arm.
    7. Finish with arm bar (knee in arm pit).
  4. Roll opponent over knee:
    1. Start by pressuring down on one of your opponent's shoulders across back.
    2. Grab your opponent's belt with arm parallel to your opponent's spine.
    3. With your other hand grab your opponent's ankle. The grab is more like an upwards cup.
    4. Put your leg straight on top of their head. It's kind of like help tucking in their head.
    5. Next, roll back and use your momentum to roll your opponent over your leg.
    6. Take side control.
Learned 2 takedowns from "Russian" David.
  1. Single leg takedown:
    1. Start by going for a double or single leg take down. Mostlikely you will end up with only one leg.
    2. Now trap their leg in between your legs. Also hold onto their leg with your arms.
    3. When ready, shoot down for their other leg while keeping the trapped leg in between your legs.
    4. This should take them down because both legs are trapped.
  2. Drop and roll:
    1. Start by trapping your opponent's arm. Almost like in a figure-4 grip, but not necessary.
    2. You can try to step in and go for a single leg hook sweep. Usually this does not work, but it gets them to square up with you.
    3. Once they are squared up with you, you can drop the other leg in and lay down, pull and roll them. You will mostlikely end up in side control. What you are basically doing is blocking their arm so they can't post and using your body to break down your opponent's dead zone.
David also offered me another tip. He said to control your opponent's wrist as much as you can. Especially, when they have you in side control. Don't let the opponent control your head, but instead grab their gi/wrist and push it across their chest (i.e. push their arm to your side) and hip escape outward.

Tip from Mark. I had the Omoplata on Dan but couldn't sit up and finished. Mark walked by and shook his head then said, "change into a triangle." I totally forgot that you should use your opponent's momentum when trying to sit up preventing the Omoplata as a transition into a triangle. I need to remember this!

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