Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My First Tournament & Promoted to Blue

I just competed in my first ever tournament last Saturday, San Diego Grappling X - June 25, 2001. It was double elimination and I lost both matches.

My first match was against a strong tall 6' 5" (I'm only 5' 6", 155 lbs.). I shot in for a single leg, but he double underhook and smashed me so I pulled out and pulled guard. Dude was super strong, everytime I tried to go for anything he just postured and pressed my hips down. Everytime he put one leg up to try to pass I would try to pendulum sweep him, but I couldn't finish it due to him having the pressure on my hips. The match went into sudden death, I was hesitant trying to take him down because of what happened the first time so he took me down got points, stalled, and won the match. My arms were burnt out after the match.

The next match, I got schooled... I think it was because I used all my energy I had in the first match already. I felt like jelly and got Americana. I felt kind of crappy because my prof was there to watch this match but not the first.

Monday, June 27, 2011, I went to class, my prof ask how did I like the tournament. I told him it was a real eye opener. That I had to work on my takedowns and takedown defense. He made the whole class spar starting from standing the whole session! At the end of class, I felt beat up, soaked in sweat, and started questioning my skills. That's when Prof. Dominic Parker rewarded me with my blue belt! Part of me still doesn't feel like I deserve it and the I still have so much to learn.

To those that haven't compete, you should try it. It really shows where you need to improve on.

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