Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guard Pass Where You Control Opponent's Arm

Today we learned the "double under" guard pass:

  1. First start out by controlling the opponent's hip with one hand while pressing down on their stomach/chest holding the lapel with the other hand.
  2. Step up with the foot on the side that is pressing down on the stomach/chest.
  3. Let go of some of the lapel and tuck in your elbow.
  4. Then step up with the other foot.
  5. Stand straight up and let go of more of their lapel while making sure to tuck your elbow.
  6. Now reach behind your back with the other hand (that was controlling their hip) and open their guard.
  7. Once their guard is open, use combat stance (tuck your elbows) and get close to their hips. Or immediately go to the next step.
  8. Roll both of your arms under their leg and secure this position.
  9. Control their hips by moving it on top of your knees.
  10. Cross face one arm with thumb inside opponent's lapel.
  11. Sprawl and pass.
  12. Make sure to secure the side control position.
Justin worked with me on another guard pass. This one was very similar to the one above, except the twist was controlling the opponent's arm by tucking it under your "straight" arm.
  1. Eventually, grab one of your opponent's arms and then tuck it under a straight arm.
  2. Step up on the side of the arm that is being controlled. Since you are controlling the opponent's arm on that side, they can not grab your leg.
  3. Post up with the other leg, step back, and then reach back with your hand to open the guard. Note that the hand that reaches back is the one that was the straight arm. The other hand is still controlling your opponent's arm, but make sure to keep your elbow tucked.
  4. Once the guard is opened, continue to pass as usual (i.e. sprawl).
I rolled with a really tall guy named Cyrus. He's got to be at least 6' 5" and 250 lbs. I almost got him in a rear-naked choke but time ran out. One thing Professor Dominic showed him that I thought I should keep in mind if I ever got caught like that was: if your opponent has one if your lapels from behind, the side you want to escape (by placing your back on the mat) is opposite of the side the arm holding onto the lapel.

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