Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tripod-like Guard Pass

Tripod-like Guard Pass:
  • Start with an inside grip.
  • Smash their knee down and drive opposite arm underneath opponent's other leg to grab their belt.
  • Put your head down near their hip (close to the hand you have holding their belt). So you're basically in half-guard now.
  • Put your butt in the air and remove your leg.
  • Once your leg is removed, grab behind their neck with the hand that was smashing the knee.
  • Obtain side control.
Tips from Justin about playing Spider Guard:
  • Straighten your legs to stretch your opponent. When you opponent is stretch you are controlling him, and he can not control you.
  • Anytime your opponent has a grip on your pant legs, you must work on breaking these grips as they can be used to pass your spider guard.
Need to work on maintaining the mounted position!!

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