Monday, March 11, 2013

Spider Guard Principles

Today we focused on Spider Guard. Some key tips include:
  • For playing Spider Guard:
    • Having your foot IN their elbow.
    • Pushing their far arm and pulling their close arm when they shuffle side to side. After which, you then square up to make it hard to pass again.
    • Alby, talks about lifting your hips for mobility.
    • Kicking their hips away when they close the distance.
    • For the leg lasso, keep your elbow down and lock your foot into their armpit.
  • For passing the Spider Guard:
    • Break their grips. Circle break.
    • Get their leg off your biceps. Use BB Eddie's knee to forearm break technique. Bring their legs down as much as needed to use your knee.
    • Get grips on both their pant legs. Drop both their legs down, pressure and then Toreando Pass.
Rolled with Nate and got stuck in half, knees on the mat. Prof. Dominic suggested to kick to the other side, so my butt is on the mat. I don't know what to call this position, but I'm going to call it reverse half guard. Nate suggests that when in postion, apply shoulder pressure, scoot my hips out, and kick out the other leg to use as a post from getting swept. Think of the other leg as a tail, without this leg post there, the opponent can swim their opposite arm into your face/chest and sweep you.

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