Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Spider Guard Principles

  • Having a grip and leg extended on your opponent's bicep while they are making their way to side control is still considered Spider Guard. As long as you have that grip and leg extended you have control and they can't pass.
  • Don't extend both legs, that's a mistake. Extend one and pull the other, or even lasso grip. The key is to off balance your opponent, having both leg extended won't off balance your opponent.
  • Work sweeps that Alex taught into my game:
    • Hip under standing opponent.
    • Over hook close leg and under leg hook.
    • Hook your ankle behind their opposite knee.
    • You can sweep towards their close leg and lead to a heal hook.
  • Double legs under one knee up/one knee down opponent.
    • Under hook with your arm and over wrap your leg.
    • Single leg x-guard with other leg.
    • Leg press and push your opponent up and sweep to combat stance.

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