Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Detail on Seatbelt Grip From Behind

Brazilian black belt Alex gave me an Brian a tip last night for Seatbelt Grip from behind. The arm that is under your opponent's armpit grips on top of the hand/arm that is over your opponent's shoulder. The reason is that your opponent will likely push off your top gripping hand, in which case you can continue your hand/arm above their shoulder for a choke. This tip was like a light bulb moment.

In class yesterday, Justin went over the following:

  • Fireman's Carry (Throw)
  • Bow and Arrow Choke (without foot over opponent's shoulder)
  • Bow and Arrow Choke with shin to back of opponent's head.
  • Brazilian black belt Alex showed a modified Bow and Arrow Choke where you remove your leg from underneath your opponent but without putting your foot on your opponent's shoulder. The key is to remove your leg as you're laying your opponent down.

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