Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Let Someone Use You As Their Stepping Stone

I usually train Tues/Thursday nowadays, but this week I had to switch to Mon/Weds this week because of family dinner tomorrow. Anyway, it was a good training night. I got to roll with Prof. Dominic and he didn't tap me 3 times in a roll like the last time I rolled with him. He also complemented me afterwards by saying something along the lines of, "Good job tonight." I think what happened was slowing down and thinking about what moves I'm making instead of going 110% just because I'm rolling with a black belt. I need more days like this.

I'm currently watching "Benson Henderson: Rising Up" presented by UFC. I thinking about Ben Henderson and how hard he trains because of how hard his mom works. Somewhere in the beginning of the show, he says something like: "I'm not going to let someone use me as their stepping stone, they're mine stepping stone!" I found this very powerful and need to think this more when I roll. I also need to remember Marcelo Garcia's quote about giving 100% instead of just 80%.

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