Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seminar with AJ Agazarm at Gracie Barra Mission Viejo

Wayne and I went to an AJ Agazarm seminar at Gracie Barra Mission Viejo. Here are his notes:
  • Defense to single leg-over hook (half wizer and wrist control. 
  • Loop choke from sprawl-feed cross collar, weave wizer hand to back of head, tuck head roll to superman.
  • Single leg takedown- wrist control, step if needed to shoot for front leg clamp leg with knees, foot sweep.
  • Sweet spot, step over back leg bend over leg clamp leg with chest, flare knee to feed collar to hand pop up, drive forward
  • sweet spot-guy kicks out leg break down pull back up, Thai clench drive forward.
  • Open guard pass-grab belt with same side arm with knee in middle, grab knee from underside switch to top grip, kick trap leg out go into side control, grab back neck lapel after letting go of knee.
  • Baseball bat-elbow pressure, trap arm on ground windshield wiper it to keep trapped and choke.

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