Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coping With The New Schedule Change

My school changed its schedule after Labor Day, which forced me to change my life schedule. Now I'm trying to make it to work earlier to so I can get out earlier. As of right now I'm attending the advance classes Tues/Thursday at 6pm.

Last Thursday, Justin went over some sweeps from De La Riva:
  • De La Riva with a far side grip on the sleeve. Rock your opponent over, smash the knee, and go parallel while twisting their body. Slowly slide your leg to obtain mount.
  • De La Riva with close side grip. Roll on your shoulder and loop your leg through their legs, then use your momentum to swing your leg over their arm and your leg goes behind their leg, lastly kick and take their back.
Sweeps from Situp Guard:
  • Situp and grab a single leg while gripping the close side sleeve. Grab a lapel and rock your opponent over. Maintain control.
  • Situp and grab a single leg while gripping the close side sleeve. If your opponent posts, swing under almost like deep half and roll them.
Luis helped me with the Berimbolo. I didn't know what exactly to do after rolling the shoulder. Luis says it's key that I grab their belt and after rolling over my shoulder I have to pass their leg to take their back. However, if they fall I can get up and turn that into a sweep.

Yesterday, Dominic showed us some Torreando (bullfighter) style passes:
  • Basic style is to grab their pant legs, smash them down, and then pass.
  • More advanced is grab their pant legs, throw them to the side, as you take a couple steps. But make sure to stabilize with your other leg (height of opponent's shoulder).
  • X-pass: Starts with a pants leg and lapel grip. Throw one of their legs through and pendulum your leg and pass. NOTE: your opponent can not be holding onto your ankle. Your arms will end up as an X.
Interesting practice was guard defensive without hands. I need to practice this more.


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