Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Wrestling - Hands

Setting up Takedowns:
  1. Noah uses the head press, but don't fully extend their arm, instead use more of the Praying Mantis arm.
  2. Coach Mike uses more like an eye poke distraction. His hand comes from the bottom up and when the opponent blinks (can't see), shoot!
  1. Your arms: 1 in, 1 out = high crotch (put opponent's hand in your pocket) to the side that your arm is out.
  2. Your arms: both in = high level (spin) single
  3. Your arms: slap your opponent's hands DOWN and out of the way to shoot for a double leg.
Coach Mike noticed that I did a good job of getting a single leg but I let go to try to get a double. He says I should have kept the single and took the opponent down by either stepping back and lowering down or shoot for the double. However, if I plan to shoot for the double leg, I need to push my opponent, then pull, then shoot!

Opponent is sprawled on you:
  1. Your opponent has one under-hook = whichever side they are under-hooking is the side you want to sit out to.
  2. Your opponent has two under-hook = you want to get out by shooting back outwards, standing up, or etc.
 For when your opponent has a single on you:
  1. You should wizard their arm and push their head away from you to get your leg back.
  2. Push their head to the outside of your leg and look for the guillotine.
  3. ?
A tip from Brain L. about wrestling and takedowns in general: have your hips under your opponent. This makes your opponent more light and gives you more leverage.

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