Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Tips to Improving My Game

Thumb in first Front Choke (Opponent is in your guard):
  • Start with cross-face arm, thumb in first and goes all the way to the back of opponent's collar.
  • Opposite first grabs opposite collar about halfway down.
  • The key to this choke is to flair out the elbow with the thumb in and pull down on the fist halfway down.
  • This choke works slowly, so be patient and doesn't give up and readjust.
Positional Training - Back:
  • The interesting thing I learned was that Brian turtles up to defend this position.
  • When a person turtles and does this, I must follow them and replace my hooks.
Positional Training - Mount:
  • Base out with my knees more.
  • Apply more body pressure.
Positional Training - Side Control:
  • From Top -
    • Control your opponent's elbow so they can't bridge.
  • From Bottom -
    • Fist/Wrist under opponent's armpit and elbow to their throat.
    Positional Training - Deep Half Guard:
    •   From top - 
      • Needs to apply heavy pressure on the knee near opponent's head.
      • The opposite leg needs to stretch out to avoid opponent from grabbing for a sweep.
      • Body needs to be heavy and close to avoid X-Guard.
      • Attack the far arm. (Kimura, straight arm bar laying down, straight arm bar against my shouder).
    • From bottom - 
      • The legs need to wrap high around opponent's knee to prevent them from advancing to mount.
      • Should grab leg in the guard to sweep.
      • Transition to X-Guard.
    Think about turning in for a single leg takedown; the options are there.

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