Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don't Sit Down

It's been awhile since I have sat down to write here. I need to be more consistent with my training. Ever since I got promoted to blue I haven been a little hesitant rolling with white belts because:
  1. some of them go full on rage trying to submit a blue belt and sometimes that leads to injuries, and
  2. getting submitted by a white belt is embarrassing.
I'm slowly starting to get over the 2nd reason because you can't beat them all. Some white belts are really strong and may have a wrestling background. Plus, sometimes a lower belt might submit a higher belt. For example, I saw a blue belt submit a purple today. The blue belt was probably 80 pounds heavier and taller, but it happens. Win or lose, I just have to roll with the intent of learning in mind.

Anyway, onto the things I have learned and need to keep in mind.
  1. This week we learned about straight ankle lock. The key to this move is the shoulder shrug.
  2. When passing with your knee on your opponent's inner thigh, don't stand too high, but instead press your head down on your opponent's opposite shoulder. Standing too high will lead to getting rolled to the opposite side.
  3. Don't sit down. Terence says any time you stand and then sit down, your opponent gets points for a sweep. I do this a lot and need to learn to stop. Alex yelled at me for doing this, but I didn't understand why.
  4. If you are trapped in half guard and are standing with the un-trapped leg near your opponent's head:
    1. roll your opponent so that they are facing outward
    2. pass your leg around your opponent's head
    3. sit on your opponent's hips
    4. then turn over for side control.
  5. If your opponent is on their side and you are behind their back, you can wait for them to roll over to turtle. When your opponent does this, ride their hip and tuck in your bottom hook then roll them back.
  6. There are plenty of opportunities to take your opponent's back, look for them.

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