Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday's Advanced class was very frustrating. I felt like a total "newb" rolling with the blue belts. Well, let me go over the techniques we learned in class first:
  1.  An escape from Turtle Position, where the guy is on top in North-South Position with their arms around your waist. Start out by grabbing onto one of your arms and then basing out the leg on that side, then sit all the way through while holding onto their arm. It's like you are almost laying perpendicular on their back and arm-locking them. After which, you pass through and take your opponent's back from behind.

    It's similar to the following video here, but ending up in North-South.

  2. Clock Choke. Click here to see the one I was taught in class.

Two things Prof. showed me after I sparred:
  1. Getting one leg outside of opponent's open guard then applying pressure on their leg to pass to side.
  2. Kicking out a leg and wrapping the arms around their body.
To be continued...

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